The adolescent years can be very challenging

Struggles occur academically, socially, and emotionally. Teens with learning disabilities may experience a tumultuous time as they struggle to learn and to relate with peers.

“During the summer months Learning Without Borders provides a structured environment to develop academic skills and increase social skills.”

An experiential learning program, teens 14 –16 can participate in workshops in 6 different areas with community and business leaders.

Syracuse-Area Businesses that have worked with our teens include:

  • Small Plates Detroit (Nutrition)
  • 93Q (Public Speaking)
  • SkyZone (Physical Fitness)
  • Pacific Health Club (Team Building)
  • Tops Markets (Nutrition)
  • SALT Makerspace (Creativity & Design)

The program strives to achieve the following outcomes for each participant:

  • Develop Learning Strategies
  • Improve Technological Skills
  • Improve Social Skills
  • Prepare for Postsecondary Life
  • Make New Friends
  • Have Fun!

Visit our website to learn more about the program and find details on how to register!