Our comprehensive structure… The 4 S.S.S.S.

These building blocks form a unique relationship between our trained ADHD coaches and the clients they work with.


Structure is the framework. It includes the following components: clearly defined vision and goals,systems for managing daily life, a time management system, priorities of appointments, and creating daily habits.


Support provides an avenue for the individual to tell his/her personal story. Understanding the individual is critical to establish a trusting relationship. The coach provides empathy, feedback, and accountability.


Skills enable an individual’s world to become more consistent and predictable. Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses is the first step in this process. Working from one’s area of strength is critical. Examples of skills may include: time management, goal setting, setting boundaries, and organizational skills.


Strategies assist the individual in navigating his/her daily life and in achieving his/her goals. An array of strategies can be taught including: understanding energy level and when to engage in tasks, pattern learning,setting realistic start and stop times for each action, and setting up rewards.

ADHD coaching fosters growth, learning, and change over time.

Call today to set up an appointment with one of our certified ADHD coaches! Your initial consultation and intake are complimentary. We work exclusively with those in their junior & senior year of high school and college students.