• The courses give students a sense of self confidence.–SAIL Parent 2016

Music education allows students to make empathetic and emotional bonds with each other through fun activities that promote self-discipline, teamwork, problem solving, and a myriad of other effects. The main objectives are to instill a lifelong love of music and music making, while also exploring the different roles music plays within our lives. Students will explore the music of other cultures, composition, music genres, and music within our lives.

9:00, 10:30, 1:15 Classes – This course is aimed to provide students with fun musical experiences incorporating musical games, movement activities and exposure to different instruments. Aural skills, pitch-matching, steady beat, and expressing ourselves through music are the major components of this course. Specific activities include singing games, vocal and instrumental exploration, soundscapes to literature and Whoosh! activities (bringing stories alive through drama and music).

9:45 Class – This class is an extension of the first course with an emphasis on music literacy. Aural skills, pitch-matching, steady rhythm, contrasts in music, and expressing ourselves through music are focal points of this class. Students will also experience musical games, movement activities and instrument exploration. Specific activities include drum circles, soundscapes to literature and silent movies, vocal and instrumental exploration and drama activities.

11:15, 12:30 Classes – This course is driven by student interest and explores the foundations of music as well as music technology. Individual and group projects will feature heavily in this course. Students will create their own instruments and compositions, explore the concept of music, create a class music video, create sound effect tracks for short silent videos, explore multicultural music, and learn the mechanics of certain instruments.