• She continued to grow in her math skills.–SAIL Parent 2016

This class was designed to help maintain, develop and apply math skills and math vocabulary. A variety of teaching strategies will be utilized in order to meet individual student needs and learning styles. The activities are designed to be engaging and rewarding for the students. Students will also receive instruction and instructional support through the Showme app. This app will combine visual and audio instruction on a variety of math skills. The students will then apply their skills to create their own Showme math videos on our class iPad


Skills to be addressed:

  • Place Value: reading and writing numbers up to the billions in standard form, expanded form, and word form
  • Addition: procedure and sequence of steps with and without regrouping using larger place value and numbers
  • Subtraction: procedure and sequence of steps, regrouping using larger place values
  • Multiplication: multiplying single-digit numbers up to the thousand’s place
  • Division: long division, steps and procedures, finding remainders
  • Geometry: perimeter, area, volume: formulas and procedures, finding perimeter, area, and volume for various shapes
  • Fractions/Ratios/Probability: vocabulary, equivalent fractions, identifying fractions, shading, naming, reducing/simplifying, adding, subtracting, comparing, multiplying, dividing
  • Angles/Measurement: units of measure, use of rulers to accurately measure objects in centimeters, inches, and feet, length, weight, and capacity conversions, use of a protractor to measure/draw an angle, finding the measurement of missing angles
  • Decimals/Money/Percent: identifying place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting amounts written in dollars and cents notation, writing amounts of money using dollars change, converting decimals to percent