Class Options

Half-day (choose 3 or 4 classes) or full-day (7 classes) options.  All schedules will be individualized and classes will be scheduled back to back.


Skills are developed using the Orton-Gillingham, Wilson reading program, a multi-sensory, phonetically based, structured, and sequential language approach to become a fluent, independent reader.


Multi-sensory approaches are utilized to develop math skills, applying operations and conceptions, understanding, and utilizing math vocabulary.

Study Skills / Writing

Exploration and development of a variety of strategies while developing written language skills.

Social Awareness

Development of skills to communicate and interact with others, both verbally and non-verbally.


Instruction focuses on keyboarding, various Word applications, creativity, communication, research, discernment, and ethical use.


Exploration of various art mediums, instruction of specific techniques, and expression of individual creativity.


Building knowledge of music and creating music through activities, singing, instruments, and technology.