Matching Gift Programs:

Did you know that many companies have gift-matching programs that will match your donation to the LDACNY dollar for dollar? Some companies will even match double or triple your donation. For example, if you work for ABC Company and they have a matching gift ratio of 1:1 and you donate $100 to LDACNY, ABC Company will also donate $100 to LDACNY. You just doubled your donation!

Gifts may include monthly payroll deductions as well as annual gifts. Gift-matching programs are a great way to maximize your personal contribution to LDACNY. Don’t leave money on the table! Take advantage of your company’s matching gift benefit to increase YOUR impact for the community!

4 Easy steps to increase your impact with a matching gift from your employer:
1. Check with your company’s HR department to see if a Matching Gift program exists

2. Ask HR for a copy of the Matching Gift Form and complete your portion.

3. Submit that form to us! (or follow your matching gift program guidelines on how to donate to your charity of choice). Here are a few ways to submit your matching gift form to us:

4. Email it to Amie Zwecker:

  • Or mail it to us: ATTN: Matching Gift, Amie Zwecker,  212 East Manlius St., East Syracuse, NY 130574
  • Make your donation! Watch it double!


Have any questions about matching gift programs? Contact our marketing and development manager:

Amie Zwecker