Learning Without Borders is a unique summer program that gives teens real-world learning experiences.  

Combining classroom lessons with field encounters Learning Without Borders allows teens to familiarize themselves with a topic and then gain first-hand knowledge up-close, from business and community leaders.

Each week of the summer focuses on one topic, allowing the students to immerse themselves in it fully.

The Learning Without Borders program is designed to help students identify their individual strengths that will help them grow in organizational skills, practical life skills, develop new learning strategies, engage in social activities, become proactive learners and gain employable skills.  The structure of the program includes a weekly theme and a social skill focus, using a multi-sensory learning approach with direct instruction, whole and cooperative group work, hands-on activities, and group and independent skill application in real world scenarios on related field trips.

We will focus on different areas of reading, writing, math, and technology and they will be incorporated into daily activities.   Social interaction and community building will be integrated into all lessons and activities. All lessons and materials will be differentiated and modified to accommodate the students’ individual instructional levels, academic needs and social skills needs. With the high desire for social interaction in society on a day to day basis in our community, we will be working on strategies for positive engagement.

During our 6 week program we will have one focus area every week followed up by a field trip that will allow us to demonstrate what we have learned.

Week 1: Wellness 

Our goal is to explore ways to achieve overall healthy living, including physical and social and mental wellness.  Our field trip this week will be to the Mystery Room at Destiny Mall where they will need to work as a team in order to figure out the clues to get out.

Week 2: Social Confidence 

We will be working on strategies for pro-social behavior, conflict resolution, self reflection and effective communication.  We will be building skills to be more confident and accepted during social interactions.  Our field trip will be to Beaver Lake. On this field trip our goal is to talk and work as partners in order to successfully navigate the paddle boats.

Week 3: Academic Confidence

During this week we will be setting personal goals, recognizing that we all have different learning styles, ways to manage stress, and work on study strategies for academic classes.  During this week we will identify our own personal learning style since students who are more aware of it are able to use that style in the future and will be able to perform better in the classroom.  This week we will all be creating a portrait, and we will be able to show that though we all had the same task, each of our canvasses will look different because we all see things differently.

Week 4: Leadership

Students will develop positive leadership skills, conflict resolution, and better communication skills.  Students will explore their own style of leadership and the strengths within it.  This week we will be going to Cazenovia Farm where we will be volunteering in order to help rehabilitate the animals.

Week 5: Self-Empowerment:

This week the students will explore self-imposed limitations and learn strategies to break through those limits.  Studies show that students who are able to identify self-imposed limitations and know the tools necessary to overcome them will have greater social and academic success. With that being said, our field trip will be to a rock climbing wall.  This will push us all to work together and enforce communicating our needs with others in order to be successful at making it up and down the wall.

Week 6: Character Development

Students will combine many of the skills they have learned over the six weeks and develop a plan for themselves as they get ready to move forward with more confidence socially, emotionally, and academically which carries on throughout their lives at home, at school and in future endeavors.  Our last field trip will be a trip to Bowl-Mor Lanes for some bowling.  This will give us time to laugh, have fun and reflect on our time as a team.