The focus of Learning Without Borders and why the name was chosen reflects our belief that learning can take place anywhere, at any time and it can be fun! Our approach is student-centered learning where the needs of the students are the focus. Students are active participants in their own learning as they utilize their strengths, interests, abilities, and learning styles. Students engage in:

  • Problem solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Brainstorming, discussion, explanation, debate
  • Role-playing and participation in simulated situations
  • Non-traditional writing assignments
  • Collaboration
  • Group, cooperative learning
  • Individual, self-paced assignments
  • Presentations
  • Community engagement Students and teachers engage in the learning process together through relationship and direct instruction. Self-reflections and learning responses are part of the process. In addition, there is an emphasis on developing social skills and improving social interactions.


Learning Without Borders is always looking to expand our horizons! Keep checking back for exciting new program announcements!