Welcome to Learning Without Borders

Join us this summer from July 11, 2017 – August 17, 2017.

Focus Areas


Goal: Students will explore ways to achieve overall wellness. They will learn strategies to be socially, physically and academically. Students will learn how they can live their best life by being flexible, taking responsibility for actions and learning from mistakes.

Rationale: Supporting and rewarding positive social, health and academic behaviors have a positive effect on students’ confidence and academic performance.


Social Confidence

Goal: Students will develop skills for prosocial behavior, conflict resolution, self-refection and effective communication.
Rationale: Research shows teens who have these skills are less lonely, feel socially accepted and feel less uncomfortable in social situations.

Academic Confidence

Goal: Students will learn how to set goals, recognize own personal learning styles, manage stress, and develop organizational tools. Students will learn study strategies, effective reading and writing strategies and note-taking.

Rationale: Students who are more self-aware and confident in learning abilities try harder, motivate themselves and perform better in the classroom.


Goal: Students will develop positive leadership, conflict resolution and communication skills. Students will explore and discover their own personal strengths as a leader.

Rationale: Students who are sociable, assertive, and confident tend to help others and experience greater social acceptance.


Goal: Students will explore self-imposed limitations and learn strategies to break through those limitations.

Rationale: Research shows students who are able to identify self-imposed limitations and learn the tools necessary to overcome those limitations will have greater social and academic success.


Character Development

Goal: Students will combine skills they have learned over the summer and develop a plan for themselves as they move forward.  

Rationale: Social emotional learning that is carried over to the home and school will help students be more confident socially, academically and result in greater success academically.