Behind the Scenes: Video Testimonials (Part I)

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*note: this news item was created as we began work on our professional video. We look forward to sharing the video with you when it becomes available!

We’re shooting a professional video!

Okay, so it’s not Hollywood. But we are taking the next step in letting people know what we do, and how we do it. Along with relaunching our website, we’re filming a video testimonial.

Thursday’s the day our clients, staff and board (well, some of them) become stars!

It’ll start like a normal business day…except for the fact that most of us have a million things to do on a regular day, and now we’ll only have half a day to do it in.

Our videographer is booked from 3:00—8:00 on Thursday. We’ve got clients and board members (and our special celebrity guest) coming in for very specific time blocks. If everyone sticks to their allotted times, we’ll be right on schedule!

Of course I (the one in charge of making sure it goes smoothly) threw a wrench in 3 days before the shoot. Ring Ring (simulated phone call): “Hey John, we’re adding in extra people and want to do it in a different way than we discussed, that’s okay right?” Silence. “…Sure.”

(That happened via email, but it’s more dramatic to imagine it was a phone call, and we all wanted a great shoot,so it all worked out okay in the end!)

So everyone is booked, the staff is ready to go, and the videographer and director know what we have in mind.Now we just have to make sure it all goes smoothly on Thursday!


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