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My youngest sister struggles with a learning disability. She has been diagnosed with dyslexia, she has a difficult time retaining information,and because of her learning disability she has extreme anxiety. She is now entering the 6th grade and she has had these issues since 1st grade.

This was very difficult for my family and I. The school did not do much too help, in fact the school refused to test her for a learning disability. For about a year my sister had to see a psychologist because of her anxiety. Every night homework was a nightmare. Night after night tears were shed because of her struggle, it was a fight just to get her to try. She did not believe in herself,therefore she was too self-conscious to even attempt.

After several meetings and arguments with the school, she was finally tested, and that was when she was diagnosed. Not long after my sister moved to a public school where the special education department was very helpful. She has been at that school for a year now, and she has already made great strides.

Not only was it the new school that contributed to her improvement, it was the SAIL program ran right here through the LDACNY.She has been participating for 2 years now and she thrives due to the multi-sensory approach to learning.Although she still has her struggles, she has less anxiety and is improving.This was a huge relief to both my family and myself.


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