Want to do some good in the world?  Volunteer!

Thanks for thinking of LDACNY. We’re always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out with our mission!

Our volunteer process is simple. Tell us what you want to do, how much time you can commit to it, and someone will contact you to set up some time to talk.

  • Events (Lead-up & Day of Management)
  • Community Engagement (Generating interest in LDACNY & sparking new ideas)
  • Administrative (Mailings, Newsletters & Office Help)
  • Philanthropy (FUNDRAISING in all kinds of ways—events, campaigns & partnerships!)
  • Special Interest (PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY, signage, whatever else may come up)

Contact Us and someone will get back to you shortly to schedule some time to talk!

We’re also happy to accommodate school groups, church groups, youth programs and corporations looking to fulfill community service requirements. Please have your representative contact LDACNY@LDACNY.org to schedule a time to discuss your group’s needs!