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Learning Disabilities Association of Central New York is an exciting not for profit human service agency founded in 1985. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with learning disabilities by providing advocacy, programs, educational resources and fun!

We are People, Too

Just because we do things differently,
Just because we act different,
Just because we talk different,
Just because we learn different,
Just because we are different,
Does not mean you can make fun of us.
We may seem clueless to you.
But you can’t see what we know
Or what we think.
We have feelings too
And underneath our differences you will find someone
Who is kind, caring, and fun
And maybe you will see some day that we are human, too.

(By: Kristin, Age 14, Tucson, Arizona)

Summer Adventures In Learning and Learning Without Borders provides a safe, summer program where students can experience academic success, develop new skills, meet new friends, and be affirmed in who they are as an individual. For more information visit or You may also call Dianne Pennings at 432-0665, extension 14.

Golf Benefit

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We would like to thank our sponsors and all the golfers participating in the open.  For a sponsor list visit or

Annual Report

For more information about LDACNY, read the annual report.


Information regarding services can be found under the new section: Network Direct. Thanks for your patience as more detailed information is being developed. Also, check out the frequently asked questions section.